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  • Apply to be a F17 Chair

    Chair applications for next semester are now open until April 19th at 11:59 PM. Being a chair is a great way to earn your leadership credit while having influence over the chapter but not as much of a time commitment as an officer. Want to design the next t-shirt or get more TBP swag? Improve our alumni relations? Interact with company representatives? Then we have a chair position for you!

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

    Apply through the link below with a few short answers:

  • Introducing the F17 Officer Corps!

    Congratulations to all of those who will be serving the chapter next semester!

    President: Joanna Ciatti
    Vice President: Greg Willett
    Graduate Vice President: Ciara Caldwell
    Secretary: Elvhin Encarnacion
    Professional Development Officer: Kevin Greenman
    Service Coordinator: David Martel
    Campus Outreach: Alexa Cichon
    Activities Officer: Rachel Fenberg
    K-12 Officers: Ryan Miller and Michael Panagos
    Chapter Development: Ilkka Kovanen
    Membership Officer: Jeeho Lee
    Publicity Officer: Katelyn Kaniewski
    Historian: Keenan Harvis
    Advisor: Gunseli Onder (1 year)

  • Congratulations to the W17 Officer Corps!

    President: Morgan Chencinski
    Secretary: Joanna Ciatti
    Vice President: Alexa Cichon
    Graduate Vice President: Ethan Pacheck
    Treasurer: Angelo Vozza
    Convention Arrangements Officer: Eshita Khera
    Professional Development: Patrick McCauley
    EVPs: Ben Cohen and Brianna Lax
    Service Coordinator: David Martel
    K-12 Outreach: Mackenna Hill & Ryan Miller
    Campus Outreach: Ilkka Kovenen
    Activities Officer: Zaid Khatib
    Chapter Development: Christopher Swenson
    Membership Officer: Gregory Willett
    Publicity Officer: Elvhin Encarnacion
    Historian: Keenan Harvis

Upcoming Events

  • Optiver Tech Talk

    Optiver US LLC, a proprietary derivatives trading firm located in Chicago, is hosting a Tech Talk called "Old School Engineering in High Frequency Trading." CTO Pierre Salverda will present on how the company incorporates technology in high frequency trading. Anyone in the Chicago area for the summer who is interested in learning more about the topic or networking with professionals in the industry is encouraged to attend.

    For more information and to RSVP (required):

    When: Thu. June 29, 2017, 5 p.m.–7:30 p.m.

    Where: 130 East Randolph St., Suite #1400, Chicago, IL 60601

    No attendance limit. 0 attendees so far.

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