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  • Apply to be a F17 Chair

    Chair applications for next semester are now open until April 19th at 11:59 PM. Being a chair is a great way to earn your leadership credit while having influence over the chapter but not as much of a time commitment as an officer. Want to design the next t-shirt or get more TBP swag? Improve our alumni relations? Interact with company representatives? Then we have a chair position for you!

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

    Apply through the link below with a few short answers:

  • Introducing the F17 Officer Corps!

    Congratulations to all of those who will be serving the chapter next semester!

    President: Joanna Ciatti
    Vice President: Greg Willett
    Graduate Vice President: Ciara Caldwell
    Secretary: Elvhin Encarnacion
    Professional Development Officer: Kevin Greenman
    Service Coordinator: David Martel
    Campus Outreach: Alexa Cichon
    Activities Officer: Rachel Fenberg
    K-12 Officers: Ryan Miller and Michael Panagos
    Chapter Development: Ilkka Kovanen
    Membership Officer: Jeeho Lee
    Publicity Officer: Katelyn Kaniewski
    Historian: Keenan Harvis
    Advisor: Gunseli Onder (1 year)

  • Congratulations to the W17 Officer Corps!

    President: Morgan Chencinski
    Secretary: Joanna Ciatti
    Vice President: Alexa Cichon
    Graduate Vice President: Ethan Pacheck
    Treasurer: Angelo Vozza
    Convention Arrangements Officer: Eshita Khera
    Professional Development: Patrick McCauley
    EVPs: Ben Cohen and Brianna Lax
    Service Coordinator: David Martel
    K-12 Outreach: Mackenna Hill & Ryan Miller
    Campus Outreach: Ilkka Kovenen
    Activities Officer: Zaid Khatib
    Chapter Development: Christopher Swenson
    Membership Officer: Gregory Willett
    Publicity Officer: Elvhin Encarnacion
    Historian: Keenan Harvis

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