TBP Outreach Activities

TBP is committed to giving back to the college and community. We have a number of outreach activities both on and off campus.


If you're looking for some extra assistance in the core engineering courses like Math, Physics, Chem, or ENGR 101, TBP offers free one-on-one tutoring. We also coordinate with HKN to offer tutoring for 200-level EECS courses, and with PTS to offer tutoring for 200-level ME courses. Submit this form to request tutoring or visit the Tutoring page for more information.


MindSET is a program run by TBP to support math and science programs in K-12 schools. Each semester we host about 3 modules aimed at teaching and getting students excited about a number of math and science concepts.We're always looking for more volunteers, and you don't need to be a member to help out–it's a great way to help promote engineering either way. You can get more information on the MindSET page.

TBP Book Swap

Looking to buy course books for cheaper than you can at the book store? Looking to sell some of your old books without the hassle of finding a buyer? We can help with that. Each semester, TBP hosts a Book Swap aimed at helping students looking to buy and sell books. As a seller, you name the price and drop the book off and we'll do our best to sell it, you either get the money or the book back. As a buyer you can buy cheaper books for a number of different engineering courses.More information is available on the TBP Book Swap website

SWE/TBP Career Fair

Each Fall, TBP joins SWE to co-host the SWE/TBP Career Fair. Close to 300 companies are usually in attendance over the three-day event. For more information, visit the SWE/TBP Career Fair website.

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