One-on-One Tutoring

TBP offers free one-on-one tutoring in core subjects for engineering. Courses covered include:

  • Chemistry (100 Level & Orgo)
  • Physics (100, 200 Level)
  • Math (100, 200 Level)
  • Engineering (101 & by request)
  • Biology (100 Level)
  • ME (200 Level through PTS)
  • AERO (200 Level through SGT)

How to sign up

To receive tutoring in one of these subjects, email the TBP Campus Outreach Officer ( with your name and course number, and some estimate of how much tutoring you're looking for. They'll get you paired up with someone who can tutor you, and you can work out a schedule that works for you.

Tutoring Events this Semester

Events are added continually throughout the semester, so be sure to check back later.

  • flyering

    Event Type: Tutoring Hours


    Project Leaders: Maureen Daum (daum)

    When: Sun. Feb. 01, 2015 2 p.m.–4 p.m.

    Where: (off campus)

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