Cub Scouts Day Beta Testing

Event Type: K-12 Outreach Hours

Cub Scouts Day is an activity hosted by TBP that allows Cub Scouts to explore the world of engineering and earn their Engineering Adventure badge. Scout packs from Michigan and the Midwest participate in this event every semester. We teach the scouts about material related to the practice of engineering in a fun environment through numerous activities, including an electronics module, a bridge module, a catapult module, and the most popular part: designing a landing craft for an egg drop! We also had the Scouts fill out a questionnaire requiring them to speak to several different types of engineers on what kind of things they do and projects they work on.

This semester, in a novel development for the chapter, CSD will be held virtually. Therefore, we need to conduct a beta testing to make sure the new format moves smoothly. During the beta testing, participants will potentially act as a Scout, walk through each of the modules, seeing how well they work, as well as how we can improve them.

Once you sign up, please fill out this Google Form so that we can ship the CSD kits to you, thank you.

Project Leaders: Zehua Li (simonli), John Serger (jserger), Dr. David Thomas Martel (damartel), His Royal Majesty Michael Lee Benson (mlbenson), and Megan Busch (buschme)

When: Sun. Oct. 04, 2020 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Where: Virtual (off campus)

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