Sandwiches and Speakers I

Event Type: Social/PD

The Sandwiches and Speakers event series is designed to give grad students the opportunity to present their research in front of an audience (you!) and to receive feedback regarding how they can improve. Food will be served at the event, and it's a good opportunity to learn more about the research done on campus!

IMPORTANT: Since this event is a collaborative event with MSE GSC, and since space is limited, you have to sign up on the Google Form linked here to attend the event. Please only sign up once you've received a confirmation email from MSE GSC, otherwise you will be removed from the event.

Signup link:

For more information about the event, check out this cool poster our Publicity Officer (Jed) made!

Project Leaders: 📚♻️ Atishay Singh (atishays), Eshita Khera (ekhera), and Jedidiah Ethan Shapiro Pienkny (jpienkny)

When: Wed. Sept. 29, 2021 noon–1:30 p.m.

Where: 3358A Duderstadt (on campus)

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