Engineering Futures: Communicating with Purpose

Event Type: Professional Development

This is an engineering futures event hosted by the national TBP organization. Register at the provided link and submit a screenshot of your attendance at the session here to receive credit.

Presenter: Chris Reidy
About the Session: Effective networking can foster learning,
invite collaborations, and uncover new opportunities for
personal and professional success. The “First Contact”
module explores the ways that new people, new tasks, new
resources and new contexts can impact interpersonal
communications. Participants will learn the value of first
contact in different settings (networking, elevator pitches, consulting) and build specific skills for communicating in unfamiliar situations, with the goal of developing connections, sharing ideas and building partnerships. Live Q&A welcome!

Free Registration:

Project Leaders: Daniel Falvo (dfalvo)

When: Tue. Nov. 02, 2021 7 p.m.–8 p.m.

Where: Virtual - Register at link provided (off campus)

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