MindSET: Lunar Lander

Event Type: K-12 Outreach Hours

Help elementary school students learn about engineering through hands-on activities.

Details: students will learn about the history of space exploration and design factors to consider when designing lunar landers. Afterward, they will practice mathematical concepts relating to kinetic and potential energy. Finally, students will put everything they’ve learned during the module to good use by building the best lunar lander they can! In the end, students can test out their lunar landers by dropping them from a height of 1-2 floors and seeing how well their miniature astronauts survived the landing.

To volunteers:

-Please let students think themselves and only lead them toward a better design by asking questions and creating conversation (cognitive learning).

-We plan to prepare our volunteers for equitable and inclusive teaching. So, showing up about half an hour earlier for a short training would be appreciated.

Project Leaders: Mojtaba Abdolmaleki (mojtabaa), Jessica Simmer (jessmer), Andrew Plotner (aplotner), and Tara Radvand (tararad)

When: Sun. Dec. 04, 2022 1 p.m.–4 p.m.

Where: EECS 1500 (on campus)

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