MindSET: Water Bottle Rockets

Event Type: MindSET

The program is designed around learn-design-build-test modules. The modules cover topics in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, along with their engineering applications such as bridges, circuits, and water rockets. The design-build activities involve groups of 4–5 school students working together with 2–3 college students. This structure provides a fun-filled and creative learning experience for school students, and also creates opportunities for college students to share their experience with learning engineering.
Students learned Newton's Laws, energy conservation, and forces that move a rocket to design a water bottle rocket. They then competed for launch distance.

Project Leaders: Mojtaba Abdolmaleki (mojtabaa), Jessica Simmer (jessmer), Matthew Kukucka (mkukucka), Yicheng Tang (tangyc), and Tara Radvand (tararad)

When: Sun. Feb. 19, 2023 1 p.m.–4 p.m.

Where: DOW 1013 (on campus)

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