MindSET: Boat Maker

Event Type: MindSET

The program is designed around learn-design-build-test modules. The modules cover topics in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, along with their engineering applications such as bridges, circuits, and water rockets. The design-build activities involve groups of 4–5 school students working together with 2–3 college students. This structure provides a fun-filled and creative learning experience for school students, and also creates opportunities for college students to share their experience with learning engineering.
Students were taught to construct a boat with the materials given to hold the most weight before sinking. They learned about buoyancy, density, and forces that keep the boat on the water.

Project Leaders: Yicheng Tang (tangyc) and Tara Radvand (tararad)

When: Sun. March 12, 2023 1 p.m.–4 p.m.

Where: EECS 1500 (on campus)

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