Engineering Futures with J.P. Blackford

Event Type: Professional Development

Since the 1980s, the Engineering Futures program has provided professional skills training to help engineering students and practitioners develop non-technical skills that are essential for personal and professional success. These in-person sessions were facilitated by J.P. Blackford, who served as President of the Tau Beta Pi Association from 2014-2016 and has facilitated Engineering Futures sessions around the country since 2003.

The sessions consisted of the following:

5-6pm: Teaming Up: Effective Group and Meeting Management

6-7pm: Leveling Up: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Project Leaders: Riley Garliauskas (garliari), Andrew Zaloudek (zaloudan), and Ansh Patel (anshp)

Start TimeEnd TimeLocation AttendeesSign-up for shift
Mon. Oct. 02, 2023 5 p.m.Mon. Oct. 02, 2023 6 p.m.BBB 1670 (on campus)

31 of 75 spots.

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Mon. Oct. 02, 2023 6 p.m.Mon. Oct. 02, 2023 7 p.m.BBB 1670 (on campus)

34 of 75 spots.

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