Cub Scouts Day Training Session

Event Type: K-12 Outreach Hours

We encourage everyone signed up for Cub Scouts Day to join this training where we will cover the modules we intend to work on in Cub Scouts Day.

You must be signed up for Cub Scouts Day to attend this training

Project Leaders: Ansh Patel (anshp), Dylan Mackenzie Stone (dylstone), Kevin Masel (kmasel), Hunter Daniel Kanaiela Tze-Cho Muench (hmuench), Dr. David Thomas Martel (damartel), Vance Kreider (vkreider), Drew Boughton (drbought), and Jacob Victor Miller (millerjv)

When: Thu. March 14, 2024 6 p.m.–7 p.m.

Where: EECS 1500 (on campus)

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25 of 50 spots.

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