Congratulations F14 Officer Corps

April 2, 2014

By: Mike Hand

Here are your officers for the 2014 Fall term.
F14 Officers
Congratulations to those elected, and many thanks to all who ran!

Executive Committee
President: Kelsey Hockstad
Vice President: Sylvia Domanico
Graduate Student Vice President: Michael Benson
Secretary: Leo Devota
Treasurer: Jason Cassell

Events Team
Service Coordinator: Scott Cooper
K-12 Outreach Officers: Sara Rusignuolo and Eric Colomb
Campus Outreach Officer: Josh Kempfer
Activities Officer: Mike MacFarlane
Operations Officer: Adam Stewart

Chapter Team
Chapter Development Officer: Ki-Joo Sung
Historian: Stephanie Miller
Publicity: Aaron Kaufman
Membership: Kevin Collao

Professional Development Team
Corporate Relations Officer: Kwesi Rutledge
External Vice Presidents: Cameron McBride and Alyssa Woo

Paul Kominsky, Chief Advisor
Pritpaul Mahal
Michael Hand
Sarang Supekar
Kyle Lady
Natalie Eyke
Eric Harper
Ethan Stark

Tagged: Jason Cassell (jasocass), Natalie Eyke (neyke), Kelsey Hockstad (kelshock), Sara Rusignuolo (srus), Sarang Supekar (supekar), Pritpaul Mahal (pritpaul), Joshua Kempfer (jkempfer), Ki-Joo Sung (sungkj), Leo Devota (lpdevot), Alyssa Woo (wooae), Adam Stewart (adastewa), BAMF Kyle Lady (kylelady), Michael MacFarlane (macfarmi), Sylvia Domanico (domansyl), Stephanie Miller (smmil), Michael J. Hand, III (mikehand), Aaron Kaufman (aaronjk), and His Royal Majesty Michael Lee Benson (mlbenson)

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