Congratulations F14 Officer Corps

April 2, 2014

By: Mike Hand

Here are your officers for the 2014 Fall term.
F14 Officers
Congratulations to those elected, and many thanks to all who ran!

Executive Committee
President: Kelsey Hockstad
Vice President: Sylvia Domanico
Graduate Student Vice President: Michael Benson
Secretary: Leo Devota
Treasurer: Jason Cassell

Events Team
Service Coordinator: Scott Cooper
K-12 Outreach Officers: Sara Rusignuolo and Eric Colomb
Campus Outreach Officer: Josh Kempfer
Activities Officer: Mike MacFarlane
Operations Officer: Adam Stewart

Chapter Team
Chapter Development Officer: Ki-Joo Sung
Historian: Stephanie Miller
Publicity: Aaron Kaufman
Membership: Kevin Collao

Professional Development Team
Corporate Relations Officer: Kwesi Rutledge
External Vice Presidents: Cameron McBride and Alyssa Woo

Paul Kominsky, Chief Advisor
Pritpaul Mahal
Michael Hand
Sarang Supekar
Kyle Lady
Natalie Eyke
Eric Harper
Ethan Stark

Tagged: Jason Cassell (jasocass), Natalie Eyke (neyke), Kelsey Hockstad (kelshock), Sara Rusignuolo (srus), Sarang Supekar (supekar), Pritpaul Mahal (pritpaul), Joshua Kempfer (jkempfer), Ki-Joo Sung (sungkj), Leo Devota (lpdevot), Alyssa Woo (wooae), Adam Stewart (adastewa), BAMF Kyle Lady, 🦖 (kylelady), Michael MacFarlane (macfarmi), Sylvia Domanico (domansyl), Stephanie Miller (smmil), Michael J. Hand, III (mikehand), Aaron Kaufman (aaronjk), and His Royal Majesty Michael Lee Benson (mlbenson)

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