Chair Applications for F23 Now Open!

March 27, 2023

By: Riley Garliauskas

Are you passionate about one particular area of our chapter? Would you like to take on a leadership role without the time commitment of an officer position? Do you just want your Leadership Credit for DA next semester?

In any of these cases, being a chair is the best way for you to get involved! We offer a wide variety of chair positions so you can be engaged with the chapter exactly how you'd like to and work directly in your greatest area(s) of interest.

All opportunities for non-officer leadership positions can be found at The chapter could always use more creative ideas and perspectives in our leadership, and the time commitment of these positions is far less than an officer role while still having a significant impact. All positions and their descriptions can be found in the above document. Reach out to Riley or Drew, both tagged in this post, with any questions about these positions.

Interested in applying? All the information you need can be found in the short application at!

Tagged: Drew Boughton (drbought) and Riley Garliauskas (garliari)

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