Update from National Convention

Oct. 4, 2014

By: Mike Hand

The U of M chapter has been busy in Spokane, WA for the 2014 National Convention.

  • Voting Delegate and Chapter President Kelsey Hockstad was elected Chair of the 2016 National Convention Site Selection Committee.
  • The 2016 Convention will be held in San Diego, CA, co-hosted by some combination of CA-Ξ, CA-Ψ, and CA-AE
  • The AZ-D and IN-Z chapters were approved by the Convention, and will be chartered later this year.
  • MI-G was awarded a Secretary's Commendation for prompt and perfect completion of all required reports.
  • MI-G was awarded its first ever Membership Award for success in "initiating one more member"
  • MI-G was awarded its 16th consecutive Project Award for performing a wide variety and large number (80 credited projects) of meaningful chapter projects including the 2013 SWE/TBP Convention, Tuesday Breakfast Parties, and our Achatz Free Pi Day.

At this point, Michigan Gamma remains in the running for the R.C. Matthew's Most Oustanding Chapter Award, the R.H. Nagle Most Improved Chapter Award, and the J.D. Froula Most Improved Membership Award, which will be announced this evening.

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