Congratulations to the Winter 2023 Officer Corps!

Dec. 23, 2022

By: Zack Goldston

The Winter 2023 Officer Corp
Congratulations to the Winter 2023 Officer Corps! Thanks to all the officers for serving this chapter in the coming semester. We are excited to see all that you accomplish!

Executive Team:
President: Riley Garliauskas
Vice President: Denise Schlautman
Graduate Vice President: Ishaan Shetye
Secretary: Daniel Falvo
Treasurer: Mitra Moklesi
External Vice Presidents: Colin Davidson and Kevin Masel

Events Team:
Service Coordinator: Drew Boughton
Activities Officer: Karen Jin
Professional Development: Ansh Patel
Campus Outreach Officer: Alexander Li
K-12 Officers: Tara Radvand & Yicheng Tang

Chapter Team:
Chapter Development Officer: Advika Jhingran
Membership Officer: Sirawit Shimpalee
Publicity Officer: Hunter Muench
Historian: Alex de la Iglesia

Kyle Lady, David Martel, Michael Benson, Simon Li, Kate Giammalvo, Ranadeep Mitra, Zachary Goldston, Pritpaul Mahal


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